Why The Personal Development Experts Lie To You

Sell Your Homemade Dishes

For some time now, you have been able to sell your homemade dishes on Cooks from home.

The site offers you the opportunity to share your best dishes concocted in your neighborhood. In fact, the formula is simple. Just sign up as a cook and put your food online so people can see and order them.

Offer Dinners Or Cooking Classes At Home

The VizEat mobile app allows you to invite travelers to dinner at home or offer them cooking classes. Indeed, you could make them live unforgettable culinary experiences by making them discover the specialties of the country.

If you are a good cook, try the adventure … In Quebec, there is also Forkfl, which allows you to turn your apartment into a restaurant, time for a meal.

Participate In Surveys

Many companies are doing surveys to better understand the behavior of their customers. You can participate in one of these surveys while being paid on the LégerWeb site. There are also sites like Swagbucks that allow you to win gift cards by answering questions online.

Try Drugs

Nobody wants to play with his health. This is why clinical trials are often very poorly perceived. But let’s see the good side of things; it’s about helping science move forward and getting paid for it. In addition, your compensation is tax-free and you can choose the type of clinical study that suits you.

It’s not about doing risky tests and dangerous for health. In Quebec, Algorithme Pharma (Altasciences Research Clinic) is the industry leader, with more than 20 years of experience.

Rent Your Apartment On Airbnb

When you leave your apartment for a few days, you can rent it for a few dollars. Simply register on the Airbnb site as a host, publish an ad with the price and photos of your apartment. Even if the site offers a guarantee and insurance up to $ 1,000,000 CAD, pay attention to who you rent your apartment.

Become A Driver On Uber

Although for some time, Uber is a source of much controversy, it is also a way to make money driving your car. By becoming an UberX driver, you will be paid for every race you do. However, be aware that, following an agreement between Uber and the Government of Quebec, you will have to collect your tax numbers (GST and QST) to become an UberX driver.

Become A Mystery Shopper

Depending on your preferences, you can select assignments in different areas of your region. A mission can take many forms, from a visit to a store to a meal with friends. All will be done in anonymity and, in addition, you will be paid to perform these missions! The Lanla website gives you missions (store purchase, plane ride, etc …) and pays you to give your opinion on your experience.

Post Advertising On Your Car

Get paid to drive your own car, why not! The concept is simple. You turn your body into a billboard and you receive compensation in return, which varies depending on the duration of the campaign. The Market Your Car site offers you to earn up to $ 800 per month by displaying advertising on your car.


Several sites specialize in connecting babysitters and parents. The best known are Topnanny, CanadianNanny.ca or NannyServices. If you want to babysit children to make ends meet, simply register on one of these sites.

Do Pet-Sitting (Or Babysitting)

Do you like animals? Know that it is possible to keep or walk a pet occasionally, and get paid for it. The Pawshake site allows you to become a pet keeper. Simply put your profile online with a photo and the price you offer so that people looking for a guardian can locate you.


Do you make the same daily commute between work and home? The Netlift application allows you to cash in your round trips by carpooling. If you travel to other cities often, you can also make intercity carpooling by registering on sites like Amigo Express and Kangaride.

Become An Inventor

Do you have a lot of ideas? You can share them on Quirky and become an inventor. How does it work? You submit your ideas and a global community of inventors, manufacturers, designers help you to refine them. If your idea is marketed, you could hit a percentage of sales.

With a little common sense and creativity, you could become richer than you were before reading this article. Indeed, it’s about making the things you love the most lucrative! The magic formula? Join the useful to the pleasant …

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