What are the best cloud backup services?

What are the best cloud backup services?

There are many Backup Cloud services available to back up copies of your files to the Cloud, but not all are created equal. Find out which are the best based on your business needs.

It is essential for your company to perform regular data backups . The loss of information was already problematic before, but it is now calamitous since the entry into force of the GDPR in the European Union.

It is possible to copy your files to local hard drives, but this is time consuming. In addition, these physical storage media are vulnerable to fire, theft or hardware failure. It is therefore better to make your backups directly in the Cloud .

However, choosing the best Cloud backup service is not an easy task . You must take into account several criteria such as the storage space you need, as well as the options offered by the different suppliers. Discover our selection of the best Backup Cloud services.

iDrive Small Business, the most versatile cloud backup service

iDrive Small Business is a cloud backup service that does its best to cover as many needs as possible . Thus, this service is compatible with a large number of platforms: all versions of Windows from Windows 2000, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Server, Micosoft SQL, Exchange, SharePoint and Oracle.

It is possible to access the copied data through an intuitive web interface synchronized with your computers and mobile devices . A feature allows file sharing by email, Facebook or Twitter. We also like the iDrive Express function, which allows the system to be backed up or quickly restored via a physical drive.

Only downside: the 250GB storage baseline may not be enough for your business . However, the ability to save certain files locally can compensate for this weakness.

If you are an individual or if your budget is really tight, you can opt for iDrive Personal . This free version offers you 5GB of storage space, but you will not take advantage of the backup server and sub-account functionality to distribute the storage space between several users.

Backblaze Business, the simplest cloud backup service

For many years, Backblaze has offered individuals an affordable and intuitive backup service . Its version intended for companies retains the same advantages.

This service stands out for its simplicity, with a single package providing unlimited storage space and bandwidth for a computer for a fixed price of $ 47.50 per month with two years of commitment.

The backup of all stored data is automatic , then the files will be saved individually with each change made. The data is then accessible online via a web interface or a mobile application.

Thanks to the versioning functionality , changes made to files are kept for four months. An anti-theft feature allows you to record the IP address of the computer as soon as it connects.

For a fast restoration, it is possible to have a hard disk or a USB key containing the backup data sent . Centralized management tools are also of great help.

The only real weakness of BackBlaze is that its performance leaves something to be desired . Either way, it won’t be a real problem if your backup needs aren’t out of the ordinary.

Carbonite Safe, the automated Cloud backup service

One of the main advantages of Carbonite Safe is that this service manages all aspects of the backup for you . You will therefore not need to spend time learning to master it. The initial backup is automated, and each change made to a file will be automatically updated on its copy.

In addition, this service emphasizes security with multiple data encryption technologies . During the transfer, the data is secured by TLS. Once stored, they are encrypted using the 128-bit Blowfish.

All backed up files are accessible through a web interface or a mobile app for iOS and Android . It is possible to restore them individually, all at the same time or in a granular fashion. Deleted files and previous versions can be restored for a month.

The Carbonite Safe service therefore proves to be simple to use, complete and secure . However, its high price can be dissuasive for the most constrained budgets…

CrashPlan, the best Backup Cloud service for small businesses

Aimed at small businesses, CrashPlan for Small Business offers many features at an affordable price . Storage space is unlimited, just like versioning.

The search system is very well thought out , and makes it easy to find files by date, time or version. The service is compatible with Linux, Windows and macOS.

In addition, it is possible to freely customize CrashPlan and its operation . You can for example choose between continuous backups, or scheduled backups. Backups can be done locally, or in the cloud. You’ll also be able to decide which encryption and compression systems to use, and much more.

The whole can be controlled through a powerful web console on a PC , from which you can monitor the progress of the backup and modify the parameters as desired. Even if there are more affordable services, CrashPlan for Small Business delivers excellent value for money.

SOS Online Backup for Business, the most complete cloud backup service

With SOS Online Backup, you will enjoy many features and can make your backups without being bothered by various restrictions . Thus, you will not be limited in terms of the number of devices from which you can copy the files. Versioning and retention time are unlimited, and file sizes are not capped.

The service is compatible with all PCs from Windows Vista, with macOS, iOS, and Android. Servers are also supported.

An optional encryption key that will not be stored in the cloud allows you to be sure that your data will not be accessed by a third party, which is a major asset in terms of security.

In general, SOS Online Backup is functional, fast and easy to use . If you want to try it, a trial version is offered free for 15 days.

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