Test: SoundSport Free, Bose know-How Finally Applied To True Wireless Headphones

A laggard compared to its competitors, Bose finally markets its first model “true wireless”. These headphones are they up to the mark and especially the competition?

To say that Bose’s “true wireless” headphones were expected is a euphemism. The American brand, known for its know-how, was the great missing in this booming market. Since then, some manufacturers have taken the ascendancy, such as Sony, Apple, Samsung, Bang & Olufsen or – more surprisingly – the little French Divacore; as evidenced by our top 10.

To go to the boarding of this type of products, Bose chose a sporting strategy. With their look and support system, the SoundSport Free targets running enthusiasts and other physical practices. Those who want to remain discreet will prefer the black version to the orange one that we tested or blue and yellow, third declination available.

A very comfortable holding system

Once in the ears, headphones do not move any more thanks to the very effective system called “StayHear +”. The silicone protuberance is wedged in the hollow of the ear without completely blocking them as would an intra-auricular model. Advantage: the process offers greater comfort and the headset can be worn longer. Disadvantage: it isolates much less external noises. For example, in our case, it is difficult not to be tempted to increase the volume in the subway enormously to hear a podcast. The set is IPX4 certified to resist sweat and rain, but, by contrast, not at all to immersion.

The application is very successful

Ergonomics question, let us first start with Bluetooth pairing which is relatively easy at the American manufacturer thanks to its application Bose Connect. Still, as complete, it allows you to choose how long to sleep listeners, enable or change the language of voice prompts, or apply updates when they are available. It also gives the possibility to find lost headphones by ringing them remotely, as with the AirPods Apple.

Bulky, but endowed with a good endurance

The headphones themselves are quite big and are clearly one of the bulkiest on the market, next to Sony’s WF-1000X. If it sounds scary – especially since the refill case is also quite impressive – yet there is the advantage of having complete controls with easily accessible buttons: volume, playback, pause or triggering the l voice assistant of his smartphone. Even if you have to put a lot of pressure on the buttons, having them on the edge is a good idea because you do not want to insert the earphone at the bottom of the ear canal every time you want to put it on. music on break.

Bose has also taken advantage of this large footprint by incorporating highly efficient batteries. This allows him to keep his promise of five hours of autonomy and even exceed it. We measured 5 h 20 of consecutive listening. And we were able to make about two and a half recharges with the case, bringing the total usage to a little more than 17:30, a very nice score that places these “true wireless” among the best of its kind (6 h 19 for Divacore Antipodes, 4 h 58 for Apple AirPods or 5 h 46 for Jaybird Run).

Powerful sound, deep bass

We also note the perfect robustness of the Bluetooth signal as it is managed by Bose. At no time did we have a break between the smartphone and the SoundSport Free, regardless of the position in which our phone was. The range is excellent, we were able to verify that the 9 meters announced by Bose were quite realistic. Even when changing the room the signal held.

On the other hand, true wireless technology prevents any use when viewing a video. A gap that is due to the significant latency of about half a second related to its mode of operation. The signal is first transmitted to the right receiver, which then sends the information to the left. Suffice to say that the time that the audio signal arrives safely, the character of the series that we are watching will have already pronounced the following word.

This model will, therefore, be clearly reserved for listening to music. Especially since they excel in the field. One must recognize Bose a talent: whatever the product he markets, the manufacturer manages to offer him his typical sound signature. Bass present, the voice well put forward, but acute noticeably behind: we are far, far from the fidelity sought in hi-fi course, but the overall result is quite impressive. We also notice it right away, as soon as we try these headphones. “How can so little stuff send so much? Was the first thought that crossed our minds.

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