Test: Bullets Wireless, What Are The First Bluetooth Earphones Of OnePlus Worth?

While we already knew almost everything about the new OnePlus 6 smartphone, co-founder Carl Pei took the opportunity to unveil his first pair of wireless headphones. What a shake up the market, in the way that made the smartphones of the Chinese brand, thanks to their excellent value for money.

At first, we say that it is unlikely since, from the point of view of design, the latest techno is not at the rendezvous. For example, there is no question here of “truly wireless” headphones. Rather than tackling this burgeoning sector, OnePlus preferred to rely on Bluetooth headphones but indeed connected together by a wire, through a choke system. It’s almost like coming back in 2016! Joking aside, this choice returns a very little innovative image.

A very well managed autonomy

Having said that, connecting the two headphones allows you to have more room to house a battery. OnePlus did not hesitate to place one on each side of the neck to keep its promise of 8 hours of autonomy. Our lab even measured 8:40 of continuous use. A very good point while the lack of endurance is precisely the main defect of so-called models “true wireless”.

OnePlus also wants to walk on Apple’s borders thanks to an easy pairing system as seen on the AirPods. OnePlus, unfortunately, fails to do as well. Tested with a OnePlus 6, the pairing pop-up appears only after you open the Bluetooth menu and go to “Pair a new device”. Suffice to say that we have already done more than half the way at the level of manipulations. Easy pairing, therefore, loses much of its interest.

Silicone case impractical

Magnetic, the two headphones stick to each other when they are not stuck in our ears. In this position, they turn off and disconnect from the smartphone automatically. Very practical in everyday life, this system makes it possible to never worry about knowing if the headphones are well extinguished. In addition, the silicone case does not encourage us to put them away.

Sound quality that does not stand out

Finally remains the essential: the sound quality. Of course, at 69 euros, we are rather satisfied with the result, but we are far from being bluffed. Our analysis of the bandwidth shows that it is essentially the mediums that are represented by the Wireless Bullets.

Bass is clearly missing when it comes to listening to music that deserves (hip-hop, electronic music, etc.). If the stereo image is not the most successful, it is satisfied by the level of detail delivered. The latter begins to have trouble as soon as you turn up the volume a little high. The distortion is then well felt.

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