Summer Jobs: Tips For Winning More

It’s almost summer and you’re looking for a little job? And if possible, who pays “well”? This is a good time to survey forums, peel ads and send your application. Here are five ways to hope to win more than the SMIC.

Earn Your Qualification And Experience

Do you have a qualification, an experience or both? Enjoy the summer to cash them: they are worth gold. In the animation professions, to supervise children or teenagers, the first qualification required is the BAFA (certificate of aptitude to the functions of animator).

These positions are remunerated between 1,500 and 2,000 € gross. Every summer, municipal swimming pools, water parks, beaches, and campgrounds struggle to recruit lifeguards and bathing supervisors. You must hold the BSB (bathing supervisor certificate) to practice in holiday or leisure centers: count 35 hours of training. To monitor public bathing open to the public, you will need the BNSSA (national patent for safety and aquatic rescue).

At Disneyland Paris, qualifying and experience is also a winning duo. “For the 500 existing jobs in the company, from catering to sales, through maintenance, ticketing and events, if you just an experience or competence, the base salary will be valued.

In addition, to pay, there are many other benefits, such as subsidized business catering, accessible day and night, transportation costs for young people from the region or abroad at a lump sum of 152.44. Not to mention the 80% Navigo pass, so we have very few minimum wage contracts, “explains Sandra Wallis, Head of Recruitment.

Jobs With Staggered Hours = Increased Wages

Sure, work nights, nights and weekends, while your friends are entertaining, sleeping or pillowing in the sun, it’s not really exciting. And yet, it is on these niches that you will be the best paid. According to the law, from 9 pm to 5 am, the hours worked are increased by 20%. As for weekends, they can be increased up to 100%. Pierre, 22 years old studying economics at Paris 1, is a night watchman in a car park: “With my staggered hours, I can get 25% more than the basic salary.”

Who hires? The factories and the large distribution, often for the missions of the handler. Telephone support too: it offers you contracts in the evening or at the end of the week. Other good plans: NGOs (non-governmental organizations), which mainly recruit young people for fundraising missions, mostly on the street, for various associations like Actions against Hunger, Aids, Amnesty International or the Cross. French red. Hourly wage: € 10.15 gross per hour, with possibilities for rapid change to € 12 gross and surcharges on Saturdays and Sundays.

Mondial Assistance is also recruiting 200 helpers to strengthen their teams in anticipation of the summer peak, with contracts of three to six months. The best way to apply is to connect directly to the website The salary is the SMIC (1.457,52 € gross), with 50% surcharges on Saturdays and Sundays.

Tips, A Good Way To Make Ends Meet

Certain trades paid to the SMIC – for example in the restaurant and hotel trade – allow you to round off your end of the month thanks to the tips. Sometimes, customers are very generous, even in times of crisis, especially on holiday. And if you have the chance to win a job valet, porter or beach attendant, it’s the downright jackpot.

Clement, 23 years old in M1 at the ISC (Higher Institute of Commerce) Paris, still can not believe it: “Last summer, I was a waiter on one of the private beaches of Cannes for the whole season. I was hired at base salary, but with my tips, I doubled, almost tripled my salary, enough to live on the spot and save money. “

Interim: You Have To Think About It!

Pushing the door of an interim agency is another way to add a bonus to your base salary. From industry to the tertiary sector, building and personal services, the number of positions in terms of duration, tasks and remunerations are as varied as it is varied. And especially in the summer, companies being forced to replace employees on leave or cope with a peak activity. (Read about our file “Interim when you are a young graduate: 7 good reasons to think about it”.)

Young People Are Mostly Paid For The SMIC.

But in addition to the basic salary, a mandatory end-of-contract indemnity (IFC), which represents 10% of the base salary. And to this bonus of precariousness are added another 10% of paid vacation pay. “By enrolling in a temporary agency, young people benefit from our entire network – a way to increase their chances of getting a job,” says Bruno Moyne, marketing development manager at Adecco, but a little advice: visit them regularly. , just to remind you of their good memories. “

Gary, 19, in first-year law in Assas, is a regular in temporary agencies. He is registered since September: “I have multiplied this year missions very different from each other. Last year, I was able to save money and get my plane ticket to Brazil For the football World Cup, when I returned, I restarted other missions to start the academic year with serenity.”

Think finally about agricultural work. Very varied, they offer job opportunities throughout the year, but especially during the summer: picking vegetables, picking fruit, harvesting, packaging … Jobs are accessible to all (cutter, picker or carrier ). The remuneration is based on the hourly SMIC (€ 9.61 gross) for the cutters and gatherers. It is 15% higher for hood wearers, which is difficult. And if the owners provide shelter and food, it’s all “good”.

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