Sigma: the cloud self-service data analysis platform is expanding with new features

Sigma: the cloud self-service data analysis platform is expanding with new features

Sigma announces several new features for its cloud self-service data analysis platform. The solution will expand with visual modeling functionalities, a SQL Runner and integration with Snowflake in one click…

From June 3 to 6, 2019, Big Data is in the spotlight in San Francisco at the first Snowflake Summit . The opportunity for the American company to announce several new features for its Data Warehouse Cloud such as Google Cloud compatibility or the Data Exchange marketplace , but also to invite its vast ecosystem of partners.

The Sigma company , specialized in Business Intelligence and analysis Cloud solutions and Platinum partner of Snowflake, seized the opportunity to announce several new services: a visual data modeling functionality, SQL Runner, and integration Snowflake in one click. The goal is to allow anyone to explore the data stored in Snowflake’s Cloud Data Warehouse and generate insights in just a few minutes.

Thanks to these new features, the time required to implement a Cloud analytics solution will be greatly reduced. This new visual approach to data analysis on the Cloud will allow Sigma to break down the barriers that hinder the adoption of Business Intelligence .

For many years, the adoption of Business Intelligence has indeed been hampered by the time necessary for the implementation, the poor quality of the user experience offered, and the modeling imperatively based on the code . Now, thanks to Sigma, companies will be able to install their Cloud analytics solutions in just a few minutes, and provide “domain experts” with simplified access to data through an intuitive interface without having to sacrifice information security or governance .

Sigma: visual modeling, SQL Runner and Snowflake integration in one click

First, the visual modeling features will allow Data teams to easily create centralized data definitions and let business experts access the data without the need for coding skills. Analysts and administrators can create Data Blocks using the visual interface or standard SQL in just a few minutes.

For their part, the “domain experts” can thus benefit from instant access to the various data sources allowing them to make informed decisions more quickly. Likewise, business experts can add new data very easily and securely.

The new SQL Runner , for its part, delivers several valuable features such as auto-completion, warehouse indexing, or even SQL history. SQL Custom can be saved and reused to speed up future analyzes. This secure and unified environment will allow data teams and business experts to collaborate around data analysis.

Finally, the one-click Snowflake integration will greatly reduce the time required to implement an analytical solution for Cloud data. Thanks to the Snowflake Partner Connect, companies will be able to connect Sigma to their Snowflake Data Warehouse in just a few minutes rather than having to wait several weeks to be able to explore and analyze the data.

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