Make A Lot Of Money By Being Simple

Delivery Deliveroo

Deliveries in home pizza scooters are not new, however bike deliveries of sushi or tacos ordered via your smartphone. The company Deliveroo, offers young cyclists real opportunities to enter the workforce as a self-entrepreneur. If you become a Deliveroo delivery person, you will indeed be your own boss and therefore free to work more or less whenever you want.

You can make it your main activity or simply a complementary source of income in parallel with another activity. You’ll just need your bike, your smartphone to receive restaurant orders and GPS to help you find your way. Even if you have to pedal a lot, deliveries are fairly well paid, you can easily earn 10 to 15 euros per hour.

Heat Uber

In the same vein as the Deliveroo delivery men, the Uber company, launched in 2009 in the United States, offers anyone to become a private taxi driver. According to its own website, the Uber service is already available in more than 630 cities worldwide.

This application allows customers to book a taxi ride while knowing the price in advance. The advantage is that they are very competitive with taxis. You also have the choice between different ranges of vehicles and therefore prices.

Here too, your status as a self-entrepreneur will allow you some freedom that you will not find in the majority of salaried jobs. It will be up to you to put your own vehicle in service or to buy one if you do not have one. Be aware, however, that you will be asked to have a certain type of car (under 6 years, complies with the VTC regulations …). If you want to get into the adventure and make it your main activity, remember that the competition is tough and it will work hard to earn a good salary.

Resell Property

You need money fast but do not want to engage in a long-term activity? One solution available to you is to sell your own property. Your attic or garage is packed, you do not know what to do with certain items or you want to sell valuables?

Several possibilities are available to you to resell your goods. Do not wait for the end-of-the-year garage sale, sell them directly on the internet via sites such as the good place, eBay, home shopping or drop them at an antique dealer or a flea market.

For some valuables, it may be advisable to auction them, you may be surprised at the price that certain coins are worth. Another strategy is to buy and resell goods, more expensive than their purchase price. It works mainly for unique and rare pieces but the benefits can be interesting sometimes.

Test The Products

Many websites or agencies offer to test products. Whether before the launch of a new brand to judge the suitability of a vacuum cleaner or during marketing to improve the taste of yogurt, the marketing departments of major brands do not hesitate to test their products to target at better customers or refine certain products to optimize their sales.

Registration to become a tester is usually free and you are paid either directly by transfer to your bank account or by gift vouchers. All surveys are not open to everyone, you must be in most of the time, you even consumer of this category of product to test it. Some highly targeted tests can be relatively well paid, but the low frequency of testing does not save a lot of money. Remember to combine several activities such as inventories, tests or sociological surveys.

Mysterious Customer

The job of the mystery shopper is to test in a general way the quality, that is of a product, a service, of the cleanliness … You even customer, you are sensible pass incognito and control the quality than to evaluate it on the website of your agency.

You will have to go directly to the targeted point of sale (shop, restaurant, hairdresser …) and test the products or services offered. Once back home or from your smartphone, you will answer a questionnaire to evaluate the quality of the service. Know how to sharpen your critical thinking and do not forget to take all the points into account to answer the questionnaire. It is a rather pleasant way to provide additional income or purchase vouchers while discovering new products.

To Have Money: To Participate In Studies

Participate in studies by registering with focus groups. In addition to testing products or services, as previously seen, you can also participate in sociological or medical studies. Sociological studies will allow you to earn regular money by answering surveys on some of your behaviors or thoughts. Do you give money to a humanitarian organization, do you often take public transport, what do you think of advertising in the subway …

Medical studies are usually very well paid. However, they are very different from each other, as much for the duration of the study as for the conditions. Some studies require your permanent presence on the medical site and for others, you will simply need to take a medication directly from your home.

Many methods and strategies exist to get money quickly and easily. Some of these activities, which are full-time, will allow you to live there and others are more likely to round off the end of the month. Remember to cumulate many small jobs to earn maximum money, nothing prevents you to test products during the day, make inventories in the evening and babysitting on weekends.

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