How To Make Pocket Money When You Are A Minor?

How to make pocket money when you have not reached the majority yet? There are many ways to earn a little money simply.

Before his majority, it is sometimes difficult to find small jobs to earn money and yet, it is nice to be able to pay for his holidays and outings without having to ask his parents. How to make pocket money before age 18? Here are some tips to put into practice.

How To Make Pocket Money By Offering Services In Your Neighborhood?

Word of mouth will certainly allow you to easily find opportunities for small jobs near you. Your neighbors sometimes have gardening or housework that you can do: mow the lawn, wash the car, do the shopping, set up a piece of furniture …

Sites like Allovoisin allow connecting people nearby.

To babysit

It’s a teen activity for reference! Punctually, when parents are out of school or recurrently (school outing and afternoon tea for example), depending on your high school hours and the proximity of children to babysit, babysitting is a very good way to make pocket money.

Do Homework Help

You are not yet of age but have a good knowledge of a subject (mathematics, French, physics etc.)? Elementary students or college students might need your services! Remember to talk to your neighbors and classmates who may have younger siblings in demand for a few hours a week of homework support.


Very popular in the United States, dogsitting involves taking care of a customer’s dog (s). Take it out once or twice a day or take care of it when your master is on vacation … It’s up to you to determine the ideal formula. This solution is particularly suitable for seniors who sometimes have more energy to get their pet out. Propose to your neighbors or talk to the neighborhood groomer.

Sell Clothes

Selling his clothes have become very common, at a time when fast fashion brands are changing fashions several times a season. By carefully sorting out your belongings, you will be able to find interesting and in good condition parts that will be sold easily on specialized sites.

Sell His Old Books

School books, books read in French classes and quickly forgotten … Stacks of books pile up! Why not turn them into a source of income? Many bookstores buy second-hand books, the most famous being Gibert Jeune in Paris. Today, it is even possible to obtain an estimate online.

Participate In A Flea Market

Flea markets are popular. Far from being an actor in decline, it even knows a second youth throughout France. At first, you can sort through your own belongings: clothes, toys, furniture, books, etc. Then expand to the cellars and attics of your parents, grandparents or close family. Some will be happy to be able to get rid of objects that are no longer useful. In exchange for a helping hand, you can sell the most interesting pieces.

Enjoy Your Talents

Do you master computers, know knitting, sewing, drawing? It’s time to offer classes to adults in your neighborhood. Some wish to embark on a new activity. If you are patient and pedagogue, you can make pocket money easily.

How To Make Pocket Money Through The Internet?

Paid Surveys And Product Tests

Even if you’re not of age, some sites allow you to participate in paid surveys in cash or vouchers or test products for free.

Watch Ads To Earn Money

The public-addict site allows you to easily earn a few euros a month. The principle is very simple: you just have to register and answer a few questions each day before viewing advertisements via the site. Your account on the site is credited immediately.

Create A Website, Blog, Or YouTube Channel

If you have free time and a passion to share, creating a blog, a site or just online videos can save you a lot of money. Monetize your videos is the best way to make money fast, you can offer fun videos, courses on a subject you master, video cooking recipes, etc.

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