How Etam Reconciles Data On And Offline

The brand of lingerie and ready-to-wear did not do in the lace to undertake its transformation “customer-centric”. DMP, data lake and datahub work to reconcile customer data.

Etam, 100 years on the clock, is not less modern until the end of digital. The lingerie brand aims to materialize the Grail pursued by all marketers: to build a unique vision of its customers, regardless of the channel through which they make a purchase. “We are convinced that reconciliation of online and offline data is essential to deliver a better user experience.

In order to reconcile the online and offline profiles of its customers over the water, Etam has undertaken the implementation of a Data Management Platform (DMP). The platform provided by the French publisher Ysance was thus fed with the digital data of the customers – history of navigation and purchase, click on an email or view of an advertisement, in particular – which came to aggregate the store data, such as the contents of the baskets and the receipts of the customers identified by their registration in the loyalty program – 70% of the receipts and 60 to 65% of the turnover realized in store. “The first use cases focused on audience creation allowed us to determine three categories of customers as well as the best segments to push in the email management tool and, thus, to better manage the commercial pressure. “, continues Jonathan Attali. Not to mention to gain in reactivity. Finished, therefore, the sending of promotional electronic messages while the customer has already purchased the product concerned … and place to a more fluid relationship, with a message sent at the right time and on the right channel. Result: the buyer in the store and online will spend three times more than a customer exclusively “shop” or exclusively “digital”.

The deployment of a DMP … and a database

In practice, in order to sell lingerie stocks in small sizes, Etam created, during the 2017-2018 winter sales, a segment of customers who bought A cup bra during the last 24 months and routed an emailing to this typology of buyers. Strong performance, the brand has renewed the experience on another niche segment, customers eager to buy swimsuits in February / March, and claims a growth of 500%.

But Etam did not stop at the deployment of a DMP to reconcile the data collected. In 2017, the decision was made by the ISD to go further in their storage. The brand has dumped data from its information system previously stored in its DMP … in a database hosted in the cloud of Amazon Web Services and in which is now the reconciliation of data. The brand of lingerie and ready-to-wear also adds to the head of the set a data hub, a portal from which the brand has the opportunity to connect any technological solution to the data stored in its data lake, and this, in order to trace the information faster. This is notably the case of the Easiware solution, a client knowledge platform for multichannel request processing, which will be live in September. The already operational datahub marks a giant leap at the end of the silos and in the advent of better customer knowledge. “We previously needed to look at 17 browser windows, 17 information systems, to get all of a customer’s history and whether they made a store purchase, opened an email, or, chose to send a dematerialized ticket, “said the director of digital. The brand has introduced an electronic receipt, sent to the customer by email instead of the paper ticket – allowing the brand to collect the information of consumers not inset. Thanks to the technical infrastructure put in place, Etam is now making up the receipts of its 450 stores in France in less than 10 minutes … and can thus measure, in “near” real time, the performance of an operation.

The redesign of the loyalty program

But, the brand also made the choice to totally overhaul its loyalty program, Etam Connect, which it revealed in early April. The challenge of this acquisition strategy section: recruiting more than 2.5 million insider customers already active in the old program. “We have canceled the minimum purchase amount of 60 euros, previously required to join the loyalty program, says Jonathan Attali. The goal is to move from a transactional program to a relationship program, through which points are acquired in buying but, also, by subscribing to a newsletter or, still, by sponsoring. ” Points that “shoppers” have the opportunity to use in coupons, but also in services – delivery of seasonal flowers, for example – or experiences – visit the space where are produced the prototypes of the brand

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