Dropbox and Salesforce partner for cloud services

Dropbox and Salesforce partner for cloud services

Dropbox and Salesforce have just announced a partnership. Through this alliance, the two companies plan to mix their respective cloud services and share marketing campaigns.

Among the various cloud service providers , Dropbox and Salesforce are among the most reputable companies. In March 2018, the two firms announce a partnership . The main objective of this alliance is to stimulate the adoption of their respective platforms by attracting the customers of each to the services of the other.

Thus, Dropbox and Salesforce plan to mix their respective cloud services. The platforms users Commerce Cloud and Marketing Cloud Salesforce will be able to access Dropbox. This will allow them to create custom folders.

This partnership will notably facilitate collaboration between different companies . For example, a retail company using the Salesforce Commerce Cloud may create a Dropbox folder to access product images from an external creative agency.

Likewise, Salesforce Quip users will be able to access content stored on Dropbox (videos, photos, presentations) directly from the cloud service. Dropbox will also start supporting Quip documents. This will make it easier for sales managers and marketers to manage customer relationships from a single platform without having to switch from one application to another.

Dropbox and Salesforce: two giants of the cloud accomplice since 2014

The integration of Salesforce services concerns both Dropbox and Dropbox Enterprise . According to Quentin Clark, Senior Vice President of Dropbox, this partnership represents an opportunity to create new value for the mutual customers of the two firms.

In addition, the two companies plan to deploy mutual marketing campaigns . Dropbox and Salesforce have been collaborating for several years already. Since 2014, Salesforce has been one of Dropbox’s investors, and the two firms have jointly developed the Dropbox for Salesforce application.

The merger between Dropbox and Salesforce services will begin in the second half of 2018 . As of yet, pricing has not been released.

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