Can Instagram Stories Affect Marketing Influencers?

A picture is better than a thousand words … With 300 million daily users (500 million per month) and 4.2 billion likes a day on average, Instagram is the growing social network among the millennia (80 % of the audience under 35 years) and a tool increasingly used among YouTubers. He is in front of Twitter for the first thirty French YouTubers (source influence panel)

The popularity of Snapchat among young people and the disappearance of Vine could not leave Facebook without reaction. The arrival of Stories has strengthened the membership and use of Facebook’s photo network.

With “Stories”, Instagram offers its users to publish short video clips and ephemeral photos forming a “story” to share with friends.

Main features of stories

If youtube massively incorporate Instagram into their social strategy. There are still a few to use the features of stories. Among the first thirty youtube uses beauty French, 20% are followers of the new features of Instagram. A figure that should very quickly increase with the upcoming integration of life.

What Instagram Stories offers:

– Autoloop with Boomerang

Content available for 24h

Targeting people with whom you want to share your Stories

Statistics with number and identity of viewers by content

Upload an external photo and video content

Visibility in the home and on the search page (accounts offering stories are presented with a circle of color)

– Direct and private messages to react to stories

Discover two tips to optimize your communication with Stories:

Mind a person into stories: You have the option to tag someone by typing @ + username in the text. A notification is then sent to the inbox of the person mentioned.

Instagram Stories Mention

Integrate external contents: It is a frustrating aspect to be able to integrate in Stories only the contents photos and videos of the last 24 hours. Several applications are available to help users edit the metadata of videos and photos and therefore to appear in the list of Instagram Stories. These include: Storied for Instagram or iMeta Photo

Instagram Stories 24h

Influences and brands why use stories?

With Instagram Stories, YouTubers and brands will be able to get closer to their community, offering more transparency and proximity.

Here are some examples of using Stories by  YouTubers

Promote its contents (captures: Norman, Cynthia Dulude & Lola Dubini)

Self-promotion: book release, book signing, e-commerce site (Captures: Norman, FastGood Cuisine, Tibo In Shape)

Influencer Promo Auto Stories

Highlight the reverse of the shooting, shooting or editing session (Captures: Jigme, Lola Dubini, Sissy Mua). Content that will act as a teaser upstream of the video released on YouTube.

Stories behind the scene influencer

Generate commitment on its contents: encourage subscription to votes or sharing … (Captures: Tibo in Shape, Shera Kerienski, Tim)

Instagram Stories commitment

Promote a product (Catches: Natoo)

Stories collaboration influencer

The possibilities of communication are numerous and many still remain to be invented. Stories allow a brief, instant exchange, more focused on the message than on creativity.

New tools helping influence marketing

– Stories make it possible to create transparency in the communication of brand operations. Understanding how to build an operation by showing a shoot, for example, gives more legitimacy and therefore impact to collaboration. This is an important point to consider for the community to recognize the benefit of the campaign. See also “how to succeed in your influence campaign”

– Some certified Instagram accounts like personality or brand accounts have the ability to embed external links in their stories.

– You can also mention the page of the advertiser which will create a direct link with his page

An undeniable added value that will find its peak with the ability to “tag” products from content as is already possible for brands.

Instagram Stories link building

Why you must not wait

These functional developments are at the heart of a strategy to conquer Facebook and Instagram. They are designed to enhance the user experience and commitment and stay in the running of an ever-changing industry. As a result, the interface and algorithms are often updated to promote new features. When Facebook launched a support for native videos or more recently its live broadcasts, its algorithm was updated: native videos quickly became the content generating the most displays in front of photos and text. Logically, the highlighting of stories on the homepage of Instagram and the possibility of discovering new accounts through this show the willingness of Instagram to prioritize the use around these new tools.

Ready, Set!

At the agency, we always think 360 ° when it comes to setting up an influence campaign. This is why our operations are thought of as cross-networks. Our analytics tool allows us to measure the power and engagement of an influencer’s communities in each of the social networks. Result: better visibility, better engagement, and better reach. Do you want to try? Discover why brands choose us

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